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The Pocket Options Login​ Process

Pocket Option is a leading online trading platform that offers binary options, Forex, cryptocurrencies, stocks, commodities and indices trading. With advanced charting tools, flexible expiry times, and low minimum trades, Pocket Option provides an intuitive and feature-rich trading experience.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk through the various ways you can log into your Pocket Option account in Canada, whether you want to access it on the web, mobile app, or via social media. We’ll also cover how to enhance account security with options like two-factor authentication and changing your password. Follow these tips and you’ll be able to securely log into Pocket Option to start profiting from markets worldwide.

Login Pocket Option via the Website

The easiest way to access your Pocket Option account is directly through the website. Here’s how to log in using your email and password credentials:

Step 1: Enter the Pocket Option com address in your browser or just click the button below. And you will be directed to the broker’s official website.

Step 2: Click the “Log In” button. At the top right of the homepage, you’ll see a button labeled “Log In” (or “Sign in”)- click this to open the login page.

login buttons on page

Step 3: Enter your email and password. On the Pocket Option login page, enter the email address and password associated with your Pocket Option account. Make sure to type them accurately.

login details

Step 4: Click the “Log In” button. Once you’ve entered your login credentials, click the blue “Log In” button below the password field. This will submit your details and log you into your account.

Use the “Remember Me” option for easier access
For quicker logins next time, check the box next to “Remember Me” before clicking the Log In button. This will save your email and password in the browser. And that’s it – following those simple steps will get you logged into your real Pocket Option account on the web in no time.

You can also add the broker’s website to your bookmarks. Or add our page, here we always have working and available links for all countries.

Accessing Pocket Option via the Mobile App

In addition to the web platform, Pocket Option offers iOS and Android mobile apps so you can trade on the go. Here’s how to log into your account on the app:

First, download the app from your device’s app store – search for “Pocket Option” in the App Store for iOS or Play Store for Android. Install the app on your phone or tablet.

Open the app and tap “Log In”

Once installed, open the Pocket Option app. You’ll see a “Log In” button on the home screen – tap this to open the login page.

Enter your Pocket Option credentials

Type in the email address and password for your Pocket Option account. Make sure to enter them correctly.

Tap “Log In” to access your account

With your email and password entered, tap the “Log In” button to submit your details and enter your trading account.

Now you can use all of Pocket Option’s trading features right from your mobile device!

Logging Into Pocket Option via Social Media

For even faster access, you can log into your Pocket Option account using your Facebook or Google credentials. Here’s how:

Click your chosen social media button

On the Pocket Option login page, click either the Facebook or Google login buttons instead of entering your email and password.

Enter your social media login details

A popup will appear prompting you to enter the email/username and password for that social media platform. Type them in and click “Log In”.

Grant account access permissions

You’ll be asked to grant Pocket Option access to read your social media profile data. Click “Continue” to allow this.

Once permissions are granted, you’ll automatically be logged into your synced Pocket Option account without needing to manually enter your trading account credentials again. It’s the fastest and easiest way to access Pocket Option!

Securing Your Pocket Option Account

In addition to choosing a strong password, you should take advantage of Pocket Option’s added account security features like two-factor authentication and changing your password periodically.

Enable two-factor authentication

For extra protection, turn on two-factor authentication in your Pocket Option account settings:

  1. After logging in, go to Profile > Settings > Security
  2. Toggle on the switch for “Two-factor authentication”
  3. Follow the instructions to verify your phone number or email address

login protection

With 2FA enabled, you’ll need to enter a unique verification code from your phone or email on top of your password when logging in, making your account much more secure.

Or Change your password regularly

It’s good practice to update your password every couple of months. Here’s how to change your Pocket Option password:

  1. After logging in, go to Profile > Settings > Security
  2. Click on “Change password”
  3. Enter your current password, then type your new password twice
  4. Click “Change password” to save your new credentials

Choosing a fresh, strong password periodically can help keep your account safe from unauthorized access.

Tips for choosing a strong Pocket Option password

When creating a password for your Pocket Option account, make sure to choose a strong one that’s hard to guess. Here are some tips:

  • Use at least 8 characters, combining upper and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols
  • Don’t use personal info like your name, email or birthday
  • Avoid common words or sequences like “password123”
  • Change your password every few months for better security

Troubleshooting Pocket Option Login Problems

Sometimes technical issues can prevent you from logging into your Pocket Option account. Here are solutions for common login problems:

Forgotten password

If you forget your password, click “Forgot password?” on the Pocket Option login screen. Enter your account email address, and you’ll be emailed a reset link to create a new password.

Account blocked

If your account is blocked, contact Pocket Option customer support for help restoring access to your account.

Website inaccessible

Try clearing your browser cache/cookies, using a different web browser, or accessing Pocket Option via mobile app if the website is down. You can also use a VPN service to change your IP address.

Hacked account

If you can’t log in because your account was hacked, immediately contact Pocket Option support to lock the account and reset your password. Enable 2FA after regaining access for better security.

Sign in and Start Trading

Logging into your Pocket Option account is quick and easy whether you use the website, mobile apps, or social login options. Be sure to use strong credentials, enable 2FA, and change your password regularly to keep your account secure. Contact Pocket Option’s 24/7 customer support if any login issues persist.

Now that you know how to securely access your trading account, it’s time to start exploring all that Pocket Option’s platform has to offer. We wish you the best of luck in your trading journey!

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