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Quick Trading Demo Account Pocket Option

In 2023, not many folks would raise an eyebrow over the chance to try out a broker’s demo account. However, not too long ago, several brokers and trading platforms only provided a limited demo mode or one that didn’t exactly match up with actual trading. Pocket Option, right from its infancy, not only offered a fully functional demo mode that’s indistinguishable from real trading but made it accessible without even requiring registration. You can easily access the Pocket Option Demo platform with just one click and explore the trading terminal.

All types of assets are available, including currencies, stocks, indices, and cryptocurrencies, along with plenty of analytical tools and free signals. The only downside to using the demo without creating an account is that your trading history will not be saved. Analyzing your personal trading history is crucial for self-education as a trader, whether you’re just starting out or already established.

This article will guide you through account registration, a quick 1-2 minute process, before delving into the interface and demo trading features.

Opening a PocketOption Demo Account

Getting started with a demo account is quick and straightforward. You can register in a matter of minutes via email or by using your existing social media profiles. Using either method, the process is super quick. And you’ll have access to $10,000 in virtual funds to practice trading.

We recommend using the classic method – by e-mail.

To open a demo account on Pocket Option, simply:

  1. Go to oficial website and click the “Registration” button;
  2. Enter your email and a password;
  3. Check you agree to the terms and conditions;
  4. Verify your email to complete the process;

Once registered, you can access the demo trading platform right away.

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Navigating the Demo Platform

Pocket Option’s demo trading experience mirrors their live platform. You’ll have the chance to explore all the features and functionality it offers.

If you are a beginner, the first thing you should pay attention to when getting acquainted with the interface is the areas of selecting an asset for trading (highlighted on the left) and the area of customizing trades (highlighted on the right). What it is and other details follow below.

Depending on the dextop and mobile versions, the layout of buttons and fields in the trading terminal may differ.

Key Features and Advantages of Practicing on a Demo

PocketOption packs its demo account with features to provide an authentic trading experience:

Realistic Market Simulation

Demo accounts connect to live price feeds. So you'll be trading in real market conditions, with price movements mirroring the real assets.

Platform Customization

The web-based platform is highly customizable you can tailor the interface and enable features to match your trading style.

Experience Without Risk

Demo trading allows you to understand market dynamics, asset price movements, volatility, technical factors and more without putting capital at risk.

Test Strategies

You can experiment with trading strategies to determine which suit your goals and style best. Find what works well and discard what doesn't.

Analyze the Markets

Exposure to live markets through a demo teaches you how to conduct technical and fundamental analysis. Mastering analysis is key to trading success.

How to Trade on Demo

We will use quick demo trading as an example. The peculiarity of this mode is trading digital options.

Your goal is to predict how the market price of an asset will move within a short timeframe, typically just 1 minute, although you can choose a different time frame as well. Here’s how to do it in a beginner-friendly way:

1) Analyze the Chart: Start by looking at the chart that shows the asset’s price movement. Try to figure out whether the price will go up or down during the chosen timeframe. This is the core of your prediction.

2) Place Your Bet: If you believe the price will be higher at the end of the selected time, click the green button that says “higher”. If you think the price will drop, use the red button that says “lower”.

You can also adjust the expiration time (how long your prediction lasts) and the amount you’re willing to trade. Remember, the more you trade, the more you can potentially earn!

3) Use Trading Signals: To boost your chances of success, consider using automatic trading signals. These are like expert tips that can help you make better predictions. Explore different trading strategies and refer to the platform guide for guidance.

4) Track Your Trades: Keep an eye on your trading activity. You can see a list of your ongoing trades and review your past trade history for the current session. This helps you stay organized and learn from your previous predictions.

When to Move to a Real Account

Once you consistently generate profits on the demo, have grasped analysis techniques, and feel confident in your trading abilities, it may be time to go live.

Start with small position sizes and low risk as you transition your skills to real market trading. Pocket Option makes upgrading to a real account seamless.

In the left menu, there is a “Trading” button. When you click on it, you can switch between trading modes (choose demo or live). It is also possible to change the trading mode by clicking on the account balance in the upper right area of the screen.

Interested in trading successfully without actively making predictions? Check out the social trading feature. You can set it to automatically copy the trades of professional traders. You can adjust the copying settings to match your budget and goals. The function of autotracking successful traders is available only in a live account.

FAQ - PO Trading Demo

Registering takes just minutes. Provide an email and password or use your Facebook/Google account details. No deposit or verification needed to access the free demo.

You get a virtual balance of $10,000 to practice trading on the demo account. This amount can be reset at anytime.

You’ll get access to over 100 assets covering forex, commodities, stocks, indices and cryptocurrencies. All the assets on the live platform are available.

Yes, the demo platform provides an authentic trading environment modeling real-market conditions. All features are mirrored.

Upgrading is seamless. Simply deposit funds to activate a real account. You can keep both a demo and live account.

No, the demo account is provided for familiarization and study of the platform only. All funds in the demo account are virtual and cannot be withdrawn.

Register and Get a Bonus

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