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Pocket Option is a dynamically developing trading platform that allows you to trade from any device from smartphones to personal computers. Obviously by the name of the brand, mobile devices are favored, but for PC users too there are all conditions for smooth and profitable online trading.

How to Download Pocket Option for PC

One way that has been freely available to all users is to go to the official website, scrolling down the main page until a list of available applications for different devices appears. Next, you should select “For Windows” by clicking on the button.

After this appeared msi file, which you need to run as any installation file of the program and follow the installation instructions. After installation, you will only need to log in using your account login and password or create a new one.

Current for 2023. You can also get access to absolutely all Pocket Option (and Po Trade) branded applications if you select the desired section in your personal account.

Step-by-step process:

✅ First and foremost, I recommend accessing your brokerage account. By the way, if you don’t have an account yet, register through my link, and you’ll be eligible for a pleasant deposit bonus. In high-risk trading, any bonus is known to be very beneficial.

By default, after authorization the user enters the trading terminal, which is surrounded by special menus on the right and left sides. Pay attention to the left edge, there is a HELP section (look at the screenshot with an example). Click on this menu item.

menu for app

Among the presented options there is a section “Apps”, it is there that you can find absolutely all applications, as well as various bots and signals for pc and mobile.

After selecting the desired application, click on the provided link and follow the installation instructions.

Pocket Option MSI

If you cannot find the application. Perhaps it is no longer available. In this case, consider alternative options that allow you to trade on the PocketOption platform from your PC.

Registration and login to PO Trade app on PC

The trader application will ask you for your login details at startup. Use the login and password from your Pocket broker account. If you do not have an account yet, open one using the button below.

Enter your work email and make up a password. Next, you should fill in your profile with your personal data and pass verification in order to expand your limits and open additional features provided by the broker.

If you need more detailed information on this procedure, you can read our special material about registration in Pocket Option. There are various methods and nuances that are not always obvious not only to beginners, but even to experienced users of trading platforms.

Use Web Pocket Option on PC

The web version of Pocket Option is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS, providing an optimized and user-centric trading experience. Accessing it is as simple as visiting the website through your preferred web browser.

This avoids the need to download specific Windows versions with the associated compatibility issues.

Benefits of the Web-Based Model

Resource efficiency

The performance of your PC or laptop is not so important when you use the web version. The web platform is constantly being improved and features great optimization and convenience.

Ease of access and functionality

The browser-based solution allows traders to quickly access their accounts from any computer connected to the Internet. Plus you can easily switch between different modes: fast trading, forex, mt5/mt4 and other options.

Always the latest version

There is no need to manually update the Pocket Option application, as well as encounter accessibility issues and various bugs.

Security and Privacy

Interaction with the web platform takes place through advanced encryption systems. Your finances as well as your sensitive data are safe and secure.

The design of the web version follows the design of the Pocket Option PC application. Its interface, including trading charts, asset selection and account management, is simple and provides a smooth transition for users accustomed to the PC application.

Installing APK on an Android Emulator for Windows

For those who prefer a mobile interface on their PC, installing Pocket Option’s APK through an Android emulator provides a viable alternative. This approach gives you access to the mobile app’s features in a Windows setting on a wide screen.

Installation Process

Download and configure the emulator. Visit the emulator’s website, download the installer, and follow the instructions to install it on your computer. For example, bluestacks 5 is quite popular and free.

Download the application file. Find the APK file on the official website. Use only links from your personal account. Do not neglect simple and obvious security measures.

Installation. Drag and drop the APK file into the emulator or simply open it with the emulator. The installation on the virtual desktop will take place. The application is accessed via a shortcut on the emulator desktop.

Functionalities and Features. The Pocket Option app within the emulator maintains most functionalities of its PC and mobile counterparts, allowing users to trade, manage portfolios, and utilize various tools.

Creating a shortcut on the Windows desktop

Installing a Pocket Option shortcut combines the convenience of the application with the updated features of the web version. This approach suits users who want quick access to the Pocket Option terminal on the Windows desktop.

  • Initiate Browser: Open your browser and go to the Pocket Option website.
  • Shortcut Creation: In your browser menu, select ‘More Tools’ or a similar function, then opt for ‘Create Shortcut’ or ‘Add to Desktop.’
  • Personalize and Confirm: Name your shortcut (e.g., ‘Pocket Option’) and finalize it. The shortcut will then appear on your desktop.

Key takeaway about trading on PC

I once downloaded Pocket Option to my Windows 10 computer and traded exclusively with it. However, I noticed that this software is no longer updated as often as I would like.

At the same time, the broker’s main website has been transformed and its web platform has improved significantly. For the last year I have been using the web terminal exclusively.

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